Scientific Solutions for the Toughest Molding Problems

Our mold release agents provide much more than just release of the molded part from the mold surface. DiamondKote™ is a comprehensive line of water-based mold release agents that focus on semi-permanent performance on all types of rubber elastomers, urethanes, fiberglass, and other resins.

Saving Molders $Billions per Year

The Partner you need to increase capacity and get ahead of the competition

Customer-Realized Value

  • Lower Scrap Rates
  • Increased Cycles per Application
  • Cleaner Molds Reduce Downtime
  • Reduced Transfer
  • Enhanced Cosmetic Appearance

Customized Scientific Solutions


  • Elastomer Analysis
  • Full Range Analytical Testing Lab
  • Mold Release Agent Development
  • Elastomeric Release Analysis
  • And more...

Release Agent For:

  • Natural Rubber
  • EPDM
  • Butyl
  • SBR
  • FKM
  • And more...                                   

Our innovative technologies allow us to provide you the release agent that will optimize your production process.

Applications & Industries Served

  • Automotive & Aviation (antivibration, seals, gaskets, tires, interior components, and more...)
  • Construction (insulation products, conveyor belts, and fiberglass)
  • Power / Oil & Gas (wind blade, composites, hoses, seals, gaskets)
  • Sporting Goods & Apparel (golf ball core, golf clubs, shoes)
  • General Rubber Goods
  • And more...