Mold Release Agents

Initially launched in 1991 by Franklynn Industries, Crystal Mold Release agents have earned a reputation for quality and innovation in the molding industry. Now, utilizing the ITW Business Model, Crystal continues to offer over 26 different types of molding operation solutions, custom-tailored through our proprietary customer-back innovation process. Our releases promote clean tooling, fewer reapplications, and lower scrap rate while delivering high levels of productivity and environmental sustainability.

Driving Performance

Crystal release agents are used for the release of headliners, in-mold painted dash and door panel skins, steering wheels, and polyurethane window encapsulations. All of products are designed to provide appropriate gloss and appearance, as well as improved release to offer manufacturers superior performance in their process.
Did you know: Looks matter! Crystal mold release products are formulated to achieve the desired cosmetic appearance of a final molded part. -

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