Food Processing

ITW Pro Brands engineers a comprehensive line of NSF® registered maintenance chemicals to lower costs, increase efficiency, and prevent recalls.

Strict industry regulations and chemical controls within food production facilities promote quality and safety, but also present unique challenges for EH&S, Production, and Maintenance professionals. ITW Pro Brands understands the need for compliance not only on the production floor, but within the entire facility.

Our wide range of NSF® registered products deliver premium performance across a variety of applications in food processing plants, while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Understanding the importance of regulatory compliance and certifications within food processing operations, we offer our Recall Defense Program; designed to minimize the risk of MRO chemicals and supplies throughout facilities.


Explore our recognized brands with product solutions that keep your operations running.

Many LPS® food-safe maintenance chemicals are specially packaged with metal and x-ray detectable plastic to protect against foreign object contamination. LPS® products can be incorporated into existing HACCP plans to protect equipment and avoid product recalls, costly downtime, and damaged reputations.

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