LPS® is Evolving

LPS® is evolving with LPS® MAX; a new line of MRO lubricants, degreasers, and electronic cleaners that are safe, efficient, and sustainable.

The LPS® MAX product line focuses on meeting the needs of heavy industry through increased product performance, packaging improvements, regulatory/environmental compliance, and sustainability.

LPS MAX: Meeting the Needs of Heavy Industry

The LPS MAX product line features a slip resistant aerosol can topped with a lockable, integrated straw actuator that allows the operator the choice of focused precision to broad stroke product application. LPS MAX 1™, LPS MAX 2™, and LPS MAX KB 88 also have improved formulations that increase penetration and lubricity compared to the originals.

Simply put, it's MAXimum control, MAXimum application, and MAXimum performance in the palm of your hand.

Did you know: LPS MAX is fully assembled in the USA -

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