ITW Pro Brands specializes in providing chemical solutions for industrial MRO, metal forming, metalworking and molding within automotive OEMs (Tier 1 & 2) as well as rail, marine and other transport markets.

We provide reliable products developed to eliminate downtime and meet standards to drive efficiencies and ensure product deadlines and quotas are met. Our products are the fuel needed to keep operations running smoothly.

Explore our recognized brands with product solutions that keep your operations running.

Our portfolio of products offer benefits above and beyond outperforming competitive products. DYKEM temporary markers and LPS 2.0 product formulations are utilized in automotive plants for quality checks and equipment maintenance; reducing the need for harsh solvents within facilities to improve worker safety profiles. Cross check ensures quality and safety when used to indicate torque for critical connections. We make products that deliver on safety, productivity and quality.

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