Value-Add Lubricants and Metalforming Fluids

Metal Mates™ is an industry leader in developing and manufacturing lubricants for metal stamping, drawing, punching, rolling, piercing, cut-outs, and forming.

By studying the total process, from steel coil to finished part, we identify opportunities to save money and reduce costs by simplifying and improving the entire manufacturing operation.

In addition to Metal Mates™ outstanding performance in the press, value continues to build in secondary operations through excellent rust prevention, cleaning ease, and improved tooling life, all while contributing to a safer work environment.

Hard-Pressed Prevention

A Michigan-based stamping manufacturer documented that Metal Mates HDP increased their coating punch life from 10,000 hits to 150,000 hits at 120 strokes a minute. This resulted in a savings of over $560,000 a year for the operation.

Did you know: Metal Mates began its product legacy with the introduction of 123 Stamping Lubricant for automotive manufacturers in 1978. -

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