High Performance Metalworking Fluids

The Rustlick product line consists of a variety of eco-friendly cutting and grinding fluids designed to lubricate and cool. Rustlick coolants are known for long sump life, advanced bioresistance and heavy-duty formulations that reduce coolant use and cut costs. Rustlick also offers dielectric fluids, rust preventatives, sump-side additives, and coolant maintenance equipment.

The Cool Factor

ITW acquired the Rustlick™ business in 1990 and relocated its manufacturing operations to DeWitt, IA in 1998. This addition meant ITW now had a full-line offering of flood coolants and other metalworking fluids to offer the market.

Did you know: Rustlick products have been shown to increase operational sump life by as much as 30-50% depending on conditions. -

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