606 Rust Preventative


Rustlick™ 606 is a moisture-absorbing rust preventative and corrosion inhibitor designed for long-term in-door use which can be applied to porous, wet surfaces and reduces surface preparation time. It leaves an oily thin-film that is easily removed by wiping, alkaline washing, or vapor degreasing. Rustlick™ 606 is recommended for porous or configured metals.


  • Indoor corrosion protection for up to two years
  • Spreads into nooks, crannies, pores and gaps
  • Leaves a transparent rust-inhibiting film


  • For corrosion and rust prevention

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Case Weight Shelf Life
71102 12 wt oz aerosol 12 13 lbs 2 years
71152 1 gal case 4 30 lbs 2 years
71052 5 gal pail 1 36 lbs 2 years
71552 55 gal drum 1 411 lbs 2 years

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Appearance/physical state Aerosol: Aerosol, Bulk: Liquid
Odor Aerosol: Mild, Bulk: Characteristic
Melting point/freezing point Not Available
Boiling point/range Aerosol: No data available, Bulk: 100 °C / 212 °F
Vapor pressure No data available
Partition coefficient No data available
Percent volatile No data available
Flammability limit No data available
Propellant Aerosol:
VOC Content 72%
Color Red Brown
Flash point Aerosol: -104 °C / -156 °F , Bulk: 79 °C / 175 °F
Relative density Not Available
Evaporation rate >1
Vapor density >1
Auto-ignition temperature No data available
Viscosity No data available
Specific Gravity (water=1) Aerosol: 0.86, Bulk: 0.83
Temperature Range °F(°C) Not Available
4-Ball Weld Load Not Available

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