Accu-Lube Junior Applicator

The perfect solution for small production operations with the same precision pump and frequency generator as the Box Applicator. Accu-Lube's Minimum Quantity Lubrication applicator systems focus droplets of lubricant directly onto the tool's cutting edge, providing the right amount of lubrication and protection precisely where and when it is needed. 

Unlike cheap siphon-type imitators, which are negatively affected by small variances in air pressure, room temperature, air hose length, and lubricant viscosity, Accu-Lube precision pumps deliver lubricant to the cutting edge each time, in all conditions.


  • Exclusive air-driven positive displacement pump technology delivers precise metered amount of lubricant
  • Manually controlled by the operator
  • No misting! Coaxial hose assembly atomizes the lubricant at the nozzle tip prevents misting
  • Fixed and moveable nozzles available
  • Compact applicator with magentic mounts for easy placement


  • Delivery of precise amounts of lubricant to any externally-lubricated application, such as: Milling, Drilling, Sawing (band & circular), Turning, Tapping, etc.
  • Manually controlled

Packaging Details

Part No. US Container Type
01D0 1 Nozzle, Manual Junior
02D0 2 Nozzle, Manual Junior

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