Accu-Lube Universal Brass MQL Applicator

The gold standard in Near-Dry Machining, featuring Accu-Lube’s patented precision pumps and a lockable steel security box.

Accu-Lube's Minimum Quantity Lubrication applicator systems focus droplets of lubricant directly onto the tool's cutting edge, providing the right amount of lubrication and protection precisely where it is needed, when it is needed.

Accu-Lube positive displacement pumps are designed to accurately deliver a constant and consistent amount of lubricant from the instant the applicator is turned on until the moment it is turned off. Accu-Lube positive displacement pumps operate with accuracy and precision year-after-year to deliver lubricant to the cutting edge each time, every time.

An Accu-Lube positive displacement pump uses air pressure to power the pump cycle. The back stroke of the cycle draws a precise, measured amount of lubricant into a chamber like a syringe. Instantly the forward stroke forces the lubricant down a capillary tube inside an air hose up to 60' (18m) long. Since the pump cycle is automatically regulated by a frequency generator it is not affected by lubricant viscosity which changes with temperature. This is crucial for any application operating in an environment without climate control since lubricants thicken in the cold.  Accu-Lube positive displacement pumps delivery instant performance, with every type of Accu-Lube lubricant, in all conditions.

Manually controlled applicators are turned on/off by the operator.  Solenoid controlled (24V or 110V) can be tied into the machinery where they are used to only come on when the machine is being operated.


  • Exclusive air-driven positive displacement pump technology delivers precise metered amount of lubricant
  • Can be either manually controlled by the operator, or integrated into machinery controls
  • Air filter/regulator gives added control and precision
  • Lockable security box with front and back door access
  • Individually controlled airflow valve(s), lubricant control, and frequency generator(s) allow for customization of up to 16 pumps in various configurations (4 line groups, 8 line groups, asymmetrical groupings, etc.)
  • No misting! Coaxial hose assembly atomizes the lubricant at the nozzle tip prevents misting
  • Fixed and moveable nozzles available
  • Can be permanently mounted, or magnetically attached & moved as needed


  • Delivery of precise amounts of lubricant to any externally-lubricated application, such as: Milling, Drilling, Sawing (band & circular), Turning, Tapping, etc.
  • Brass pumps either manually or solenoid-controlled

Packaging Details

Part No. US Container Type
01B0 1 Brass Nozzle, Manual
02B0 2 Brass Nozzle, Manual
01B1 1 Brass Nozzle, 110 VAC
02B1 2 Brass Nozzle, 110 VAC
01B3 1 Brass Nozzle, 24 VDC
02B3 2 Brass Nozzle, 24 VDC

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