Use DYKEM Acetone with many DYKEM products to dilute or remove.

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Shelf Life
85738 1 gal pail 4 2 years
85838 5 gal pail 1 2 years

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Appearance / Physical State Liquid
Odor Sweet, Solvent
Specific Gravity 0.79
Flash Point -20° C (-4° F) Closed Cup
Boiling Point / Range 56.1˚C (132.8˚F)
Melting / Freezing Point -94.7˚C (-139˚F)
Vapor Pressure 30.93 kPa at 25°C
Partition Coefficient -0.24
Evaporation Rate 5.6 BuAc
Vapor Density 2
Auto-Ignition Temperature 465° C (869° F)
VOC Content 0%

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