Loc-Line Nozzle Kit

Accu-Lube Applicator Loc-Line Nozzle Kit includes 18" of flexible Loc-Line, magnetic base for easy placement, and nozzle tip to allow precise delivery of lubricant stream.


  • Best for applications which require the applicator to be moveable - flexible nozzle allows precision application to tool currently in use
  • Breaks up lubricant for an even, consistent spray and continuous lubrication
  • Adjustable length to suit application


  • To be used with Accu-Lube applicator systems
  • For applications requiring more than one nozzle a second or third kit may be used, or an application-specific nozzle (see nozzles for bandsaws, circular saw blades, etc.)

Packaging Details

Part No. US Units/Case Approximate Case Weight
79108 1 1.75 lbs

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