Hi-Load Bearing Grease

Provides long-lasting lubrication for heavily loaded bearings, or bearings subjected to shock loading and vibration


  • Lubricates heavily loaded bearings
  • Excellent load carrying ability
  • Withstands shock loading
  • Extends relubrication intervals
  • Moly-fortified for extreme applications
  • Reduces wear from vibration
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Superior anti-wear properties
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Reduces maintenance costs


  • Demolition Equipment
  • Hoist and Platform Lifts
  • Mining Equipment
  • Molding Machines
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Sanding Units
  • Vibrating Conveyors


  • Timken Steel

Packaging Details

Part No. US Part No. Canada Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Approximate Case Weight Shelf Life
70414 C70414 14.1 oz / 400 g cartridges 30 32 lbs 3 years

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Appearance / Physical State Solid.
Color Gray.
Odor Not available.
Melting / Freezing Point Not available.
Boiling Point / Range 640.4 °F (338 °C)
Flash Point 491.0 °F (255.0 °C)
Evaporation Rate Not available.
Vapor Pressure Not available.
Vapor density < 1 (air = 1)
Auto-Ignition Temperature Not available.
Density 0.94 g/cm³
VOC Content 0% w/w
Viscosity 160-200 cSt @ 40°C
NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Type Lithium Complex
Base Oil Type Mineral Oil
Dropping Point 500°F
Timken OK Load >55 lb
4-Ball Weld Load 620 kg Minimum
Temperature Range -10°F (-23°C) to 350°F (177°C)
Copper Corrosion 1B


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