QB Precision Duster

The nonflammable duster with a powerful blast that removes contaminants, dirt, dust, and other soils from delicate assemblies and electronic components.


  • Non-flammable, odorless, and leaves no residue
  • Quick blast precision duster
  • Excellent for use on delicate mechanisms and energized electrical equipment
  • Moisture free
  • Includes with pinpoint extension tube to be used in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Removes contaminants, dirt, dust, and other soils
  • New Propellant with Lower Global Warming Potential
    Global Warming Potential 100-yr rev. 5 IPPC (GWP CO2 = 1):
    Previous propellant (HFC-134a) = 1300
    New propellant (HFO-1234ze) = <1


  • Avionics
  • Computers
  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Film Negatives
  • Industrial
  • Industrial Magnetic Tape Heads
  • Laboratory Instruments


  • Inland Steel
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Timken Steel

Packaging Details

Part No. US Part No. Canada Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Approximate Case Weight
05710 C05710 12 wt oz / 340 g / 281 mL aerosol 12 11 lbs

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Appearance / Physical State Gas
Odor Slight. Ether-like.
Melting / Freezing Point -248.8°F (-156°C)
Boiling Point / Range -2.2 °F (-19 °C)
Vapor Pressure 4271 hPa @ 20°C (68°F)
11152 hPa @ 54.4°C (129.9°F)
Partition Coefficient > 1
Percent volatile 100%
Flammability Lower Explosive limit (%): None at 20°C; 5.7 % at 60°C
Upper Explosive limit (%): None at 20°C; 11.3 % at 60°C
Propellant HFO-1234ze
VOC Content 0%
Color Colorless
Flash Point Not Applicable
Density N/A
Evaporation Rate N/A
Vapor Density 4
Auto-Ignition Temperature 694.4°F (368°C)
Viscosity N/A
Specific Gravity 1.17 @ 21°C
Heat of Combustion < 20 kJ/g

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