Sawblade Applicator Nozzle

Choosing the right nozzle for your application is key to optimal MQL performance and higher productivity. Accu-Lube makes several different styles for bandsaw and circular saw use that help ensure lubricant gets to the cutting edge right when its needed.


  • 9692 - Band Saw 'V' Nozzle is designed to point directly at the saw teeth to apply an even coat of lubricant to the blade
  • 9696 - Band Saw 'N' Nozzle (for 1" to 1.375" blades) is a compact, easy to install design with an improved internal atomization design for better spray patterns
  • 9877 - Band Saw 'RL' Nozzle (for blades up to 2.125") for larger blases that need the additional lube of a second pump - uses two inputs (pumps) but provides three fluid/air outlets
  • 9878 - Circular Saw Angled 'C' Nozzle for blades up to 20" in diameter is a more compact design with improved atomization chamber for better spray patterns on circular saws
  • 379165 - Circular Saw 'CM' Nozzle for blades from 20" to 36" - will require a two-pump applicator
  • 9045 - Circular Saw 'CL' Nozzle for large blades from 30" up to 120" - will require a two-pump applicator


  • All bandsaw and circular sawing applications where MQL lubrication is used. Permanent installation of nozzle is encouraged for optimal performance.

Packaging Details

Part No. US Container Type
9692 V-Nozzle, 0.75-1.5" Wide
9696 N-Nozzle, 0.75-1.5" wide
9877 RL-Nozzle, up to 2" wide (needs 2 feeds)
9878 C-Nozzle, up to 20" (angled head)
379165 CM-Nozzle, 22-36" wide (needs 2-3 feeds)
9045 CL-Nozzle, 36-120" wide (needs 3 feeds)

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