Spare Parts

Spare parts for the Accu-Lube Universal, Brass, and Junior Applicators are essential to keep your MQL system running at top performance.  Kits/Assemblies are available to rebuild pumps or add functionality to your applicator.


  • Genuine parts are made to match OEM specifications for replacement of components on Accu-Lube Box Applicators and Junior Applicators. For questions about parts or use, please contact ITW Pro Brands Customer Service team.

Packaging Details

Part No. US Container Type
9202 Lock Assembly & Keys
9288 Threaded Pipe Plug
9319 Injector Kit w/Viton Seals #700011048-AV
9230 Brass Pump Mounting Kit KA474-10SA127
9333 Adapter 1/2"-27 X 1/2"-13
9339 Large-O-Ring 1/2"
9360 Oil Line Tubing (per ft)
9423 Oil Line Positioner
9446 Aluminum Pump Plug & O-Ring
9487 Pipe Plug for Aluminum Pumps
309176 Adapter Plate Screw
309189 Universal Pump Adapter Plate
9280A 1/8" Female Tee
9489U Universal Pump Adapter Kit
9490A O-Ring 1/8"

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