Spray Nine® Heavy-Duty Cleaner, Degreaser & Disinfectant

Spray Nine® Heavy Duty Cleaner, Degreaser & Disinfectant is an EPA – registered (#6659-3) and NSF approved (C-1 rated) formula developed for the automotive, industrial, military and Do-It-Yourself marketplace. Spray Nine’s dirt-busting power delivers superior cleaning and degreasing with unmatched performance, speed and versatility. Capable of weakening and lifting tough grease, grime, mold and discolored stains. Spray Nine is a unique water-based blend and a safer alternative to solvent based degreasers that harm the environment and expose employees to poor air quality.

Spray Nine is VOC compliant in all 50 states and contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents. Spray Nine’s disinfecting capabilities include sanitizing hard non-porous surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria in 10 seconds, and disinfecting against viruses in 30 seconds and bacteria in 45 seconds. It helps meet OSHA blood borne pathogen requirements, helps control mold and mildew growth and helps prevent cross contamination of germs.


  • Cleans - Tackles the toughest tasks head-on with less scrubbing
  • Degreases - replaces heavy solvent degreasers
  • Disinfects - Kills germs and helps control mold and mildew when used as directed;
  • VOC Compliant in all 50 states
  • NSF C-1 Rated
  • EPA registered (#6659-3)


  • HOME: Countertops, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, tubs/showers, toilets, floors, ceramic tile, garbage pails, toys, patio furniture, tools, sporting equipment, BBQ’s, fiberglass, vinyl siding and more.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: Engines, tires and wheels, bug splatter, consoles, dashboards, door panels, vinyl tops, upholstery, trunks, trailers, RV's and more.
  • INDUSTRIAL: Machinery, equipment, tools, motors, conveyors, vents, light fixtures, work benches, floors, walls, cafeterias, showers, change rooms, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal and more! NSF C-1 Rated.
  • INSTITUTIONAL: Chairs, desks, floors, wall, commodes, urinals, sinks, chrome fixtures, countertops, tables, and more.
  • FOODSERVICE: Hoods, vents, refrigerator exteriors, stainless steel, floors, walls and more. NSF C-1 Rated.


  • NSF International, C1


  • VIRUSES (Contact time 30 sec)
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Influenza A2 Virus-ATCC VR544 (Flu Virus) 
  • Rhinovirus Type 37-ATC VR-1147
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus- ATCC VR-1147
  • Adenovirus Type 2-ATCC VR-846
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Type I-ATCC VR733
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Type II-ATCC VR734
  • Coxsackie B3 Virus - ATCC VR-30
  • Norovirus-ATCC VR-782
  • Rotavirus - Strain WA
  • HIV-1 – Strain HTLV-IIIB
  • Hepatitis B Virus-DHBV 16 Strain
  • Hepatitis C Virus-ATCC VR1422
  • Poliovirus Type1 - ATCC VR-192
  • Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Virus – ATCC VR333 (H1N1)
  • Feline Calcivirus - ATCC VR-782
  • Avian Influenza-A Virus (H3N2)-ATCC VR 2072 and A/Washington/897/80X A/Mallard/New York/6750/78 strains

  • BACTERIA (Contact time 45 sec)
  • Salmonella entenca – ATCC 10708
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)–ATCC 35150
  • Staphylococcus aureus-ATCC 6538
  • Staphylococcus aureus MRSA-MRSA ATCC 33592
  • Staphylococcus aureus-CA-MRSA-NARSA NRS-123
  • Streptococcus pyogenes-ATCC 19615
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa-ATCC 15442
  • Enterobacter aerogenes-ATCC 15038
  • Shigella dysenteriae-ATCC 13313
  • Bordetella pertussis-ATCC 12743
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae-Carbapenem Resistant – ATCC BAA – 1705
  • Escherichia coli-Carbapenem Resistant-CDC 81371
  • Listeria monocytogenes-ATCC19117

  • Fungi (Contact time 9 min)
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes-ATCC 9533
  • Candida albicans-ATCC 10231

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Shelf Life
26801 1 gal bottle 4 1 year
26805 5 gal bucket 1 1 year
26810 32 oz flat 12 1 year
26825 22 oz flat 12 1 year
26832 32 oz round 12 1 year
26855 55 gal drum 1 1 year

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Appearance / Physical State Liquid
Odor Citrus
Flash Point >93°C / >200°F
Boiling Point / Range 100°C / 212°F
Vapor Pressure 18 mm Hg
VOC Content <0.5%
Evaporation Rate < 1
Vapor Density >1
Prop 65 Warning YES

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