TEXPEN® Marker Industrial Steel Ball Tip Paint Marker


The TEXPEN® stands out for its distinctive fine and medium oil-based paint markings. The stainless steel-ball valve action tip writes through oil, grease and water without losing legibility or brightness even in extreme conditions.


  • Write sharp, defined, bright marks on any surface including metal, plastic, glass, concrete, rubber and more
  • Ergonomically correct marker that enables you to mark at all angles, even upside down
  • Marker retains its shape unlike tube-style markers
  • Paint flow is controlled by the pressure bulb at the end of the barrel
  • Drying Time: 25 – 35 minutes


  • Safe on most surfaces
  • Surface test should be run to determine compatibility prior to use

Packaging Details

Part No. US Units/Case Marker Tip Color Shelf Life
16013 12 Steel Medium Tip Blue 2 years
16023 12 Steel Medium Tip Red 2 years
16033 12 Steel Medium Tip Black 2 years
16043 12 Steel Medium Tip Green 2 years
16060 12 Steel Fine Tip Yellow 2 years
16063 12 Steel Medium Tip Yellow 2 years
16080 12 Steel Fine Tip White 2 years
16083 12 Steel Medium Tip White 2 years
16103 12 Steel Medium Tip Orange 2 years

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Physical State Liquid.
Odor aromatic
Flash Point 108.0 °F (42.2 °C) Tag Closed Cup
Boiling Point 318 - 338 °F (158.89 - 170 °C)
VOC Content 30.78%, 399 g/L,
Evaporation Rate < 1 (BuAc = 1)
Vapor Density > 1 (air = 1)
Prop 65 Warning YES

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