Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Through this time of mandatory and voluntary long term shutdowns of facilities across the globe, ITW Pro Brands is here to support your efforts not only to shut down properly, but to start up efficiently. With our broad range of products we can support your business re-open in many ways:

ITW Pro Brands manufactures several disinfecting/sanitizing products to help keep your facility safe upon re-opening. Packaging options include pre-moistened wipes, aerosol, and bulk to cover even your largest needs. Many have EPA approval for demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (SARS-CoV-2).

Recognizing the high demand for these products, ITW Pro Brands has added a new disinfecting product, Sani-Cide EX3, to our portfolio.

Due to high demand, products in this category could be subject to back-order.

Stagnant flood coolant mixtures without recirculating movement can accelerate bacterial and fungal growth. Performing a sump shutdown/restart is your best and safest option during long term work stoppages.

Please see our Sump Shutdown Guide and Sump System Shutdown Start-Up Kit to explore best practice and product recommendations.

Is your facility idle? Any time your equipment is not active presents an opportunity to complete preventative maintenance. Reference our Maintenance Guide for product recommendations to clean, lubricate, and protect those parts during the downtime.

Ready to re-open? Equipment that has been stalled due to shutdowns or disruptions offer unique challenges in getting up and running at maximum output. Check out our Restart/Reopen Guide to see how industrial-strength LPS® products ensure you get back up to speed in the least amount of time.

ITW Pro Brands continues to manufacture the products you trust throughout the pandemic response. We look forward to supporting you as you shut down and, more importantly, get back to business-as-usual soon.