API-20 Corrosion Inhibitor/Lubricant

Metal Mates API-20 is an oil-based corrosion inhibitor that protects stored parts, dies, and equipment during short-term storage or shipping. This product is often used by automotive manufacturers to protect parts during temporary plant shut-downs. It displaces unwanted moisture and reduces moisture penetration. When applied API-20 covers the metal surface with a thin protective layer of oil which dries to a light, non-tacky film.

API-20 is specifically formulated to eliminate bath contamination and cratering caused by oily corrosion preventatives. It is easy to clean and will not varnish, even after a second application. API-20 leaves a lighter residual film than conventional inhibitors, reduces hem-flange blowout, and provides lubrication in blanking, stamping, drawing, and piercing applications.

Not to be diluted with water (neat oil).


  • Light, non-tacky film protection
  • Displaces moisture
  • Easy to clean
  • Will not varnish
  • Reduces bath contamination
  • Lubricates
  • Washes clean with warm water


  • Designed to be compatible with PPG paint systems
  • Used for short-term shutdown storage
  • Protection from fumes, corrosion, dust contaminations

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Color
MM4102 5 Gallon Pail 1 Clear;Oily
MM4103 55 gal drum 1 clear, oily
MM4106 330 Gallon Tote 1 Clear;Oily

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Appearance / Physical State liquid
Odor petroleum odor
Specific Gravity 0.9
Flash Point >230F (>110C)
Boiling Point / Range >380F (>193C)
Melting / Freezing Point <0F
VOC Content >10
Evaporation Rate <0.1
Vapor Density Heavier than air
Prop 65 Warning No
Density 7.5 lbs

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