Block Lube Hand Applied Lubricant

Hand-held solid lubricant reduces heat build-up in belt, disc and wheel grinding applications. Designed to be applied directly to the tool or work area for immediate lubrication.


  • Hand held solid lubricant
  • Reduces heat build up in belt, disc and wheel grinding application
  • Vegetable-based
  • For ferrous & nonferrous metals, aluminum and titanium
  • Clean with soap and water


  • Belt, disc and wheel grinding


Appearance / Physical State Solid
Odor Mild
Melting / Freezing Point 110-120°F/43-49°C
Boiling Point / Range >400°F/>204°C
Vapor Pressure < 1 mmHg
Partition Coefficient No data available
Percent volatile No data available
Flammability No data available
Propellant N/A
VOC Content None
Color Blue
Flash Point >200°F/>93°C
Density No data available
Evaporation Rate No data available
Vapor density >1
Auto-Ignition Temperature No data available
Viscosity No data available
Specific Gravity 0.86
Temperature Range No data available
4-Ball Weld Load No data available

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