FRANKLEEN #23 Water-Based Cleaner for Elastomer Molding

Frankleen #23 mold cleaner is designed to clean urethane residue, thermoset elastomers,  phenolic/polyester/vinyl ester resins, waxes, soaps, silicon fluid or polymers, and  polymeric release agents from metal and composite tooling.  Frankleen #23 can be applied  onto hot or cold molds via brushing or wiping.

Founded as Franklynn Industries, Inc. in 1991 offering DiamondKote, Aqualift, and later added Crystal brands.  Now part of the ITW Pro Brands team.


  • Completely compatible with water
  • Non-flammable
  • Quick removal of polymer remnants
  • Good solvency and detergent power
  • Eliminates need for media blasting


  • Cleaning tooling used for Elastomeric molding across a variety of product & material types
  • Replaces cleaning processes using abrasive media blasting


  • Urethane Residue
  • Thermoset Elastomers
  • Phenolic/Polyester/Vinyl Ester
  • Resins
  • Waxes, Soaps, Silicon Fluid or Polymers
  • Polymeric Release Agents

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case
FRANKLEEN #23-03 55 gal drum 1
FRANKLEEN #23-02 5 gal pail 1

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Appearance / Physical State Liquid.
Color Clear to Yellow.
Odor Ether-like.
Boiling Point / Range 399 °F (203.89 °C)
Flash Point 167.0 °F (75.0 °C) Tag Closed Cup
Vapor Pressure 0.5 mm Hg @ 20°C
Vapor Density 5.1 (Air=1)
Auto-Ignition Temperature 581 °F (305 °C)
Specific Gravity 1.04

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