HD 1100-83 Severe-Duty Soluble Oil Stamping Fluid

Metal Mates HD 1100-83 is a soluble oil designed for very difficult severe-duty stamping operations including high temperature stamping, drawing, piercing, and flanging in a variety of steel products.

HD is an oil-based lubricant designed to be soluble in water. It provides a protective oil barrier and high levels of extreme pressure additives, making it ideal for very difficult applications including high-temperature operations, and complex die designs. It is formulated with anti-wear additives that reduce scoring in progressive die and multi-forming operations to extend tooling life while improving product finish.

HD is used extensively for automotive hinges and steering mechanisms. It provides excellent rust protection and is easy to clean.  Recommended for use with 0.100" - 0.330" thick cold-rolled, electro-galvanized (galvanneal), hot-dip galvanized, stainless, high-strength steel (HSS), and ultra-high-strength steels (UHSS).


  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Water-Soluble
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Stands up well to extreme pressure applications
  • Compatible with carbide tooling


  • Heavy & Severe-Duty Stamping Applications including:
  • Excellent for all heavy-gauge components
  • Hole punching through SS, UHSS, etc.
  • Please call for consultation on specific applications

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case
MM3202 5 gal pail 1
MM3203 55 gal drum 1
MM3206 330 gal tote 1

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Odor typical, mild
pH Value 8.7-9.7
Specific Gravity 1.03
Flash Point >200F (>93C)
Boiling Point / Range 212F (100C)
Vapor Pressure <1
Vapor Density Heavier than air
Prop 65 Warning No
Total Chlorine Y
Refractometer Readings 7-24 RI
Dilution Ratio Typical Dilution: 3:1 to 8:1 (25 to 11%)

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