High Purity TXP Laboratory-Certified Low Chloride Ink

DYKEM® High Purity TXP markers are your answer for marking on stainless steel or any surface where degradation, contamination or other adverse effects are a concern. The formulas contain trace amounts of halogens, low melting metals and are low in chlorides. The precise formulations meet or exceed the specifications for GE Nuclear Energy, GE Aircraft Engines and the US Energy Research and Development Administration (nuclear grade).

DYKEM® High Purity TXPFeatures a stainless steel roller ball tip and a rubber pressure bulb to control paint flow. The TXP is designed to permanently write on dirty, oily, greasy or rough surfaces. The unique design allows you to mark at any angle, upside down and even underwater. The specially formulated oil-based paint withstands extreme conditions.

For more colors with a felt tip, see out DYKEM® High Purity Markers.


  • Stainless steel ball tip – no risk of tip wear even when writing on rough surfaces
  • Easily writes through oil, grease and water
  • Drying time: 25 - 30 minutes
  • GE specification D50TF8 excluding phosphorous and sodium


  • • Stainless steel
  • • Aerospace
  • • Ship/boat/marine
  • • Oil & gas
  • • Power & utilities
  • • Nuclear facilities

Packaging Details

Part No. US Units/Case Marker Tip Color Shelf Life
17463 12 medium, steel White 2 years

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Appearance / Physical State Liquid.
Odor mild
Flash Point 89.0 - 108.0 °F (31.7 - 42.2 °C)
Boiling Point / Range 253 - 338 °F (120 - 170 °C)
VOC Content 29.10%, 374 g/L
Evaporation Rate < 1 (BuAc = 1)
Vapor Density > 1 (air = 1)
Prop 65 Warning YES

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