LPS® MAX CFC Free NU Low VOC Contact Cleaner


This residue-free, fast-drying formula contains no chlorinated solvents and is safe on plastics. The low VOC formula removes dirt, moisture, dust, flux, and oxides from the internal components of electronic or precision equipment such as circuit board. Conforms to VOC regulations of CARB, OTC, and LADCO.


  • Meets air quality standards and is plastic-safe
  • Fast evaporating, no residue
  • Does not contain HCFCs
  • Fast acting and fast penetrating
  • Low odor
  • Nozzle provides targeted or broad stroke application
  • Contoured can for improved hand grip


  • Connectors
  • Contacts
  • Magnetic Tape Heads
  • Printed Circuits
  • Office Equipment
  • Semiconductor Assemblies
  • Switches
  • Telecommunications Equipment


Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Case Weight
95416 11 wt oz / 312 g / 416 mL aerosol 12 11 lbs

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Appearance / Physical State Gas
Color Clear colorless or nearly colorless
Odor Mild
Melting / Freezing Point -198.4 °F (-128 °C) estimated
Evaporation Rate < 1 (Ethyl Ether = 1)
Vapor Pressure 352.53 mm Hg @ 38°C
Vapor Density ~3 (air = 1)
Partition Coefficient >1
Auto-Ignition Temperature 582.8°F (306°C)
Viscosity < 2 cSt @ 25°C
Heat of Combustion > 30 kJ/g
Percent Volatile 100%
Specific Gravity 0.64 - 0.67 @ 20°C
VOC Content 74% per State and Federal Consumer Product Regulations; 600 g/L per SCAQMD Rule 102
Prop 65 Warning Yes

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