SAFE-MARK Food Contact Surface Marker


  • NSF Registered permanent ink markers for nonfood compounds category R1.
  • Approved for marking on surfaces with indirect food contact
  • General purpose, quick drying permanent ink marker.
  • Designed for marking on food contact surfaces used in processing, transporting, or holding food products, such as parts of machinery or equipment where meat or poultry would be in repeated or continuous contact.
  • Marker can be used to identify storage bins, trays, dies and molds, tools, and processing equipments.
  • Marks withstand temperatures spanning -20°F to 475°F.
  • Marks also withstand sterilization processes of 250°F at 15 psi for 20 minutes.
  • Ideal to use on metal, glass, plastic, cardboard, rubber, shrink film, stretch wrap, or just about any surface.
  • Valve action mechanism prevents ink in barrel from drying when the cap is left off.
  • Locked in nib also prevents tip from falling out and leading to contamination.
  • The marker features a threaded barrel that allows the marker cap to be screwed onto the back of the marker barrel preventing it from falling off during use.
  • Does not contain any reportable amounts of Xylene.


Packaging Details

Part No. US Units/Case Marker Tip Color
40907 48 medium, felt (#45) black

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Appearance / Physical State Liquid.
Odor Mild ketonic solvent.
Flash Point 15.6 °C / 60 °F
Boiling Point / Range 117.2 °C / 243 °F
Vapor Density > 1 (air = 1)
Prop 65 Warning YES

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