DKW-4550CL Tire Cavity Lube

DiamondKote DKW-4550CL Tire Cavity Lube is a water-based release agent used in the molding of all types of rubber tires


  • Facilitates release, rubber flow, and delay mold fouling
  • Formulated to create a low surface energy coating
  • Chemically bonds to the mold surface
  • Allows for multiple molding cycles before re-application is needed
  • Does not contain APE (alky phenol ethoxylates)


  • Tread sector of mold
  • Sidewall of mold
  • Bead ring area of molds

Packaging Details

Part No. US Net Contents Container Type Units/Case Color
DKW-4550CL-02 5 gal pail 1 translucent white
DKW-4550CL-03 55 gal drum 1 translucent white
DKW-4550CL-06 303 gal tote 1 translucent white

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Appearance / Physical State liquid
Odor no odor
pH Value 4.5 at 10%
Specific Gravity 1.00 g/CM^3
Boiling Point / Range 212°F (100°C)
VOC Content 0.01
Viscosity water thin

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